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It's Year-End...Do you know where your children are?...

Like so many other finance and accounting professionals, this time of the year is one of the busiest as we are closing the books for the prior year and getting ramped up for the New Year. However, this year feels very different to many of my colleagues and friends who are in similar positions. Maybe it's the fact that in almost all prior January's, they had a greater sense of hope for the upcoming year than they do this year so there is not the proverbial carrot to keep them motivated.

My motivation to get me through this time of the year is knowing that for the limited time during the week when I get home later than I would prefer to and the time on the weekends, I get to spend time with my family and that I appreciate that time all the more. I look forward to any time I can spend with my 9 and 10 year old and as times as silly as driving them to and from their birthday parties and their sleepovers because I know that any day now that they are going to be teenagers not wanting to hang around with dad or give me a hug and kiss goodbye.

As I move through this stressful time of the year in the most challenging economic climate I have worked through, I look over at one the many pictures in my office and get a smile on my face when I see my daughter in her party shoes when she was 3 and I see my son with his baby teeth and remember what I have to go home to.


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