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The $700 Billion Bailout...should it be called something else?

One of my former colleagues used to preach the phrase, "Perception is Reality", and while the $700 Billion about to be voted on by the U.S. House of Representatives is certainly reality, perhaps changing the name of this plan should be considered to make the perception a more positive one.

The term "Bailout" is frequently used to describe a bankruptcy or bankrupt entity which is about to receive a large infusion of liquidity to help keep it afloat. It has such a negative connotation.

What if the plan was called something more positive like "The $700 Billion Golden Ticket Plan" or "We believe in you, so here is $700 Billion"?

If the perception was spun so that this plan was a positive one to help show the world that the U.S. government believes in our economy so much that it is willing to invest in it, then perhaps the positivity would help garner more confidence on Wall Street and throughout the world's financial markets, rather than lending itself to despair and a lack of confidence in the U.S. economy.

Or we can always print silly t-shirts that read, "My parents went to Washington, DC and all I got was this t-shirt and $700 Billion!"


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