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November 15, 2007

A-Rod and the Yankees...It's always been about the numbers...

So it looks like the deal will be announced shortly between the New York Yankees and Alex Rodriguez, a deal worth somewhere in the neighborhood of 10 years for a minimum of $275 Million plus possible incentives.

Three Cheers for Hal Steinbrenner who held his ground and didn't budge when A-Rod's agent Scott Boras said publicly that the bidding starts at $350 Million.

Three Cheers for A-Rod for initially bypassing Boras and going directly to the Steinbrenners and realizing that the Yankees are the best fit for him as a player and best fit for his financial empire which continues to grow.

So after all the back and forth between the agent and the Yankess, the matter came down to the numbers, just like everything else. The Yankees waited for A-Rod to realize that the numbers his representative communicated was not possible and once the numbers came back down, they welcomed A-Rod back into the family with open arms.

After this deal is over, both parties will look back and realize that it was a "bargain", as ridiculous as a $280 Million contract can ever be as A-Rod will most likely have broken the home run record and will hopefully have won at least one World Series title all while filling up the seats in the new Yankee stadium set to open in 2009.