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A-Rod Math...54+156+143= $180 Million...

So now that the regular season is over, Alex Rodriguez can focus on the playoffs while his agent Scott Boras can focus on negotiating a new deal.

Based on the combination of his stellar season, his youth and durability, predictions are that A-Rod will be able to convert his results into the largest contract ever surpassing his prior contract which used to be the largest contract.

We will know shortly if his 2007 statistics of 54 Home Runs, 156 RBI's and 143 Runs scored will translate into a 5 year, $180 Million contract. At $36 Million a year, A-Rod would score the highest annual pay day in Major League Baseball history and clearly set him apart financially, similar to his production at the plate which has set him apart from other players.

Barring a major injury, A-Rod is on track to break Barry Bonds record in 5 1/2 years or so and when his career is over, he will hold a large majority of offensive records. Investing in A-Rod will certainly fill the seats in any teams stadium as well as help line up sponsorship and other marketing business opportunities.

Since baseball is a business, like all other businesses, you need to spend money to make money. In baseball, there are a lot worse investments than A-Rod. Let's see if the Yankees can hold on to him.


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